How Meatballs Made Al Pacino A Movie Legend

5 thoughts on “How Meatballs Made Al Pacino A Movie Legend”

  1. I love this!I do remember the scene, but hadn’t really thought of it’s importance to the film overall. I just remember thinking how it softened the character and how deeply embedded food is to the Italian culture. Incidentally, meatballs are my favorite food:)

  2. That is a great post. I have to be honest though. I have not seen the movie, well, not in one linear sitting. But it remains one of those movie series I would like to spend a wet winter Saturday watching from start to finish. Maybe now I will have meatballs during the lunchtime intermission :)

  3. Unfortunately I have not seen this movie but now definitely check it. I really like meat balls and was thinking what to cook and here I have the idea :). It is nice that such scenes have so much to do with movies. But I always watch that many Italian families in movies are also closely related to food. Seems food has something much to do in that culture.

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