Things don’t get deeper than this… America’s great debate.

8 thoughts on “Things don’t get deeper than this… America’s great debate.”

  1. What a fascinating history of pizza’s inception in the USA! As a native New Yorker, I adore NY style pizza and tend to search for it when I’m in other parts of the country although I also like Chicago style pizza. Several years ago, my husband and I went to Italy. While there, we asked the owner of our bed and breakfast where we could find some good pizza. The man, an elderly native Italian, replied, “Everybody knows the best pizza is in New York.” The two of us couldn’t stop laughing…

  2. I’m going with New York too, I’ve only had Chicago style pizza one or twice, but found it too doughy and chewy. For me, pizza is all about the mozzarella, so I’m all about a nice thin crispy crust.

    Just to unforgivably complicate matters though, for cities in general, Chicago is my favourite in the US. So I would pick it every time to visit… I just wouldn’t eat their pizza 😉

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