Why Hugh Jackman is the Tikka Masala of acting

12 thoughts on “Why Hugh Jackman is the Tikka Masala of acting”

  1. I love chicken Tikka Masala. I have an Indian friend here in the states who just rolls her eyes at me when the subject comes up because in her book, it doesn’t even qualify as representative of really good Indian food. Doesn’t stop me from ordering it everytime I go to an Indian restaurant!

    1. Well, the origins are so different from one story to another. I think it started in India, based on my research, but developed in the UK to suit the palette like most international dishes.

  2. It’s great to see Chicken tikka masala becoming famous round the world . Indian chefs in India often make it in cookery shows referring it to as a British invention – one of them mentioned that the invention was the addition of Campbell’s tomato soup when a client complained . Great article.

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