Tequila, not the enemy we think it is!

8 thoughts on “Tequila, not the enemy we think it is!”

  1. Will not comment about tequila,
    For me it does bring out the Mr. Hyde in me. I try to be a calm demeanor, but when I drink it, I am not pleasant to be around. I am glad I don’t drink anymore.

  2. Good read, and yep, been there done that. I don’t think of tequila in a bad way at all, in fact, it was a big part of my life during the years my ex and I used to race our catamaran in Mexico. It’s just that these days I rarely drink much more than an occasional glass of wine.

  3. Tequila is not a drink I’m particularly fond of, except in an occasional margarita. But I haven’t sample many different kinds of tequila and might feel differently about better quality brands.

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