How A Birthday Cake Meant That Keith Moon Could Never Enter A Holiday Inn, Ever Again

22 thoughts on “How A Birthday Cake Meant That Keith Moon Could Never Enter A Holiday Inn, Ever Again”

  1. What a debacle! Though a legendary one. Personally, I never thought these tirades amusing…too many other people affected, personal property damaged, the whole “I’m famous so I’m entitled” mentality is a complete turn-off to me:) Even then…but I never knew the history of the birthday cake! Very cool! And…. Happy Birthday!

  2. I remember this story and it reminds me very much of today’s antics of Justin Bieber – too much too fast. I enjoyed the part about the ‘police stop laughing’. you can just picture it.

  3. I love stories that start with “what could possibly go wrong?”! I had a birthday yesterday, and you’ve just made me realize I didn’t have a cake. I’ll have to rectify that immediately, although hopefully not in Keith Moon style!

    1. Well, I’m off to get my cake now so I’ll save you a piece ;). Thanks for commenting and I’m glad that you enjoyed the piece.

  4. That’s a great story and how can you not love stories of such epic debauchery by rock legends. It was a time that will likely not be repeated so these stories can slip easily into folklore. Thanks for sharing and happy birthday.

    1. Thanks Tim. Sorry for the delay in replying. Yep, epic debauchery indeed. The guy was a legend though. Just imagine driving a strangers car into a pool.

  5. This was amazing story about a birthday cake and Keith. I feel sad that he was banned in Holiday Inn and passed a night in Jail.
    It was also nice to read the stories about Greece and Germany.

    Thank you for Informative post, about a birthday Cake.

  6. Happy birthday and interesting story, I loved the timeline of events there, just the way I enjoy a quick story. Sad for him to have had such a wild and fun yet badly ending birthday. Well he would remember this one for looong.

    1. Thanks Welli. Sorry for the delay in replying. Yes, Keith was a special special drummer and even more off it. What a character. Shame he died so young.

  7. I’ve learned more about Keith Moon than I ever knew. And I absolutely loved your set-up line With a lingering post concert adrenaline rush, presents in the form of alcohol, a plethora of women and unsuspecting hotel staff, what could possibly go wrong?

    What indeed? Thank you for sharing this.

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