What Do Your Cookbooks Say About You?

5 thoughts on “What Do Your Cookbooks Say About You?”

  1. I must admit most of our cook books are just for the pictures. We tend to just make things we know, but i do enjoy looking through them to get ideas, then make my own version without looking at the recipe

  2. I have tonnes of cookbooks but all have been used. Sometimes I will go back to a book over and over (such as River Cottage Everyday Veg, Rick Stein’s India) but others are heros for a month and then brought out annually. I do cull cook books but saying that I am planning new kitchen shelving for next year so maybe I don’t cull enough!

    FYI, I worked in a library when I was young. Large print Mills & Boon are what keep our grand monthers’ generation ticking!!

    1. Hi Claire!

      Firstly, thanks for taking the time to reply, means a lot! Secondly, I have no Rick Stein books and desperately want Santa to send me one this year… that’s how bad I am with Cookbooks; over a hundred and counting.

      Mills & Boon may have kept Grandma’s of the land ticking, but poor grandad!

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