Hipster Wine, Wine’s Big Saviour…

3 thoughts on “Hipster Wine, Wine’s Big Saviour…”

  1. #1 let me say that brodown may be my new favourite word, sorry!
    #2 I am so confused by all of this. My favourite wine in the world (when I could drink) is Yattarna Chardonnay. It’s so good because it is dry, it is a bit oaky and a bit citrussy. If there were no barrel, wine would become pretty one dimensional wouldn’t it?
    Bloody hell, now I want a drink!

  2. ‘Just because you picked them mate, doesn’t make you an expert, it makes you a picker, and a twat…’ I agree with you on this dear
    In fact, you killed it with this 😉

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. .I know I prefer red, and can’t drink white because it makes me sneeze. That’s about it. I have a lot to learn about wine. This has been a helpful start. Thanks for sharing!

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