How The Gastropub is Slowly Killing Men

2 thoughts on “How The Gastropub is Slowly Killing Men”

  1. Micro-Pubs are the future for humanity.

    Our new local (well, a 25 minute walk) is one such establishment, The Dog House in Coleford. Aside from the obvious joke about always being in the dog house, it is one of the new (old?) breed of pubs, that is actually a pub and not just a Wetherspoons impersonator selling overpriced burgers and artisan sandwiches.

    Three or four real cask ales on, all served straight from the racks. No draught lagers or ciders. Ciders are all local ones served from boxes in the fridge and a some bottled beers available as well.

    Key points are that there is no* food, no music, no tv, no wifi – so there are 2 options.
    1. Sit quietly in the corner on your own
    2. Talk to and with whoever else happens to be in when you visit.

    We know more people here after a year than we did where we lived previously for 20 years, and that is almost all down to the pub. The heart of the community, and great beer.

    *When I say no food, there is no food sold in the pub, but getting some chips or a chicken wrap from some of the shops locally and eating in the pub is fine :-)

    1. One of the best replies I’ve had, so, thank you Simon.

      We don’t have any micropubs in Chester, shit loads of coffee shops which shut at 6pm… and one that turns into a deli after that so I would welcome any opportunity to have a micro-pub in the vicinity. Somewhere that I can visit, grab a pint, a lovely artisan type, talk to a random stranger, read an actual paper and see a night through.

      There is no community anymore, it’s about waiting to see what the 9pm film is, which is an abomination. Maybe the micropub will be the saviour of the pub and local communities, and maybe we just don’t know it yet!

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