How We All Became A Little David Loftus

17 thoughts on “How We All Became A Little David Loftus”

  1. Welcome to Bloggers Helping Bloggers Gino! What amazing photographs you’ve shared, the only downside is now I’m thinking about how hungry I am. Seriously, you are so right about the fascination with photographing food! I’m not active on Instagram, but food images are everywhere on Pinterest and it’s hard not to want to follow them all. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Firstly, thank you Marquita for the warm welcome.

      I thought I became immune to looking at food images and not getting hungry, but it just wasn’t possible this time around. Food photography is a huge thing, and Instagram as a vehicle really has changed the way we look at food; it’s not all bad, but there is a question as to what works and what doesn’t in the long run. I hope that the best will always get what they need; I see too many bad pics which is a shame.

  2. With a wife who is a food photographer we have many conversations about this and the rise of social photography.

    The risk to business in not having great professional images on their site and social media is huge now – a “famous” instagrammer or twitterati posting a poor picture of a half eaten dish becoming the first image you see when googling the restaurant surely a danger to potential customers booking?

    1. Precisely, Simon. It’s something that we need to be mindful of, especially the pro’s who are in a situation of having to compete. I think the fact that we have social channels dedicated to soft #foodporn like Instagram (amongst other things) makes the whole thing so strange. I remember going to a restaurant to eat but the thought that a combined audience of just three accounts can make nearly 250,000 salivate on an image is mind boggling yet a little brilliant.

      There is definitely a space for everyone, and your wife’s work will always rise to the top because it is top quality! Would you mind sending a link to any of her work to this thread. Would happily share :)

  3. Hi Gino. Commenting from Bloggers Helping Bloggers Group. It’s amazing how capturing pictures of food has become part of the dining experience. I enjoy Instagramming my meals because it preserves the moment, and I get to spread the word about dining spots with friends and followers. Where I try to draw the line is having my phone out during the entire meal because if I’m not eating or taking in company, then what’s the point of going to a restaurant? Thanks for sharing this post.

    1. Hi Tatia, thank you so much for coming over to read the blog and commenting. Yes, makes a massive difference. There are studies which suggest that photographing your food actually makes it better; apparently something to do with building up anticipation and that your saliva glands actually prepare for a meal.

      But yes, I completely agree with your point about the phone. The best thing to do with a group of people is, get everyone to place their phone on the table, face down. Stack the phones, whoever needs to check theirs first, has to buy the drinks for the evening. Soon find that your friends want to engage in conversation.

  4. The macaroni cheese looks scrumptious! I am on a no/low carb diet at the moment……..

    People are fascinated with food. We all need to eat and why not tasty, well prepared food?

    I know non-bloggers who take a photograph of their meal before tucking in. They then post on FB/twitter etc etc. I am usually too interested in eating the food to start taking photographs when it arrives.

    1. Hi Phoenicia,
      Thank you for commenting. Yep, its a huge thing. For me it really takes the mickey when someone spends all their time photographing than eating though. There needs to be a balance, surely.
      Don’t speak to me about no carbs, this never appearing six pack is always trying to appear without any macaroni cheese.

  5. OMG, that’s hilarious. I confess, I do Insta my meals every now and then. Back in my ad agency days, I worked with a woman whose not-so-secret ambition was to be a food stylist. The tricks they had! Coffee was actually beef bouillon (coffee doesn’t photograph well), milk was water with white food colouring, and that steam you see coming up from a muffin? That’s a tampon that’s been in the freezer and broken at just the right time. I also heard stories of art directors using tweezers to place raisins in just the right place, shellacked turkeys, you name it!

    1. Krystyna, that is one of the best responses j have ever had or seen, the fact that the steam from a muffin is produced from a frozen tampon bewilders yet intrigues me to an unconscionable level! Thank you so much for this brilliant response.

  6. Good to welcome you as a member of BHB, Gina. Beautiful foods, mouthwatering, actually. Sometimes the photos are more appetizing than the real thing. My late husband used to drool over the fried shrimp ads of a chain restaurant. Finally, we were in the neighborhood of one of the restaurants and ordered the shrimp. Not very good and didn’t look much like the ads, either!

  7. Welcome to the BHB group, Gino.
    I started photographing food years ago in order to remember the meals so I could write about them in my stories. My husband can remember any meal, but I need the prompts of the colors, the dishware, the glass of wine standing near the plate…this became especially important traveling in Italy where the food is gorgeous!

  8. Hi Gino. We’ve “met” through LinkedIn too. 😉 What comes to my mind is something perhaps just a little related. It’s the idea of appearance vs reality. I’ve been to expensive restaurants where much care is given to the appearance of the food but the taste is nothing special at all. Sometimes the taste matches the wonder of the presentation, and I’m more forgiving if the portion was minuscule! I imagine great food pics are a tremendous boon in the world of food-related businesses.

    1. Hi Ramona, thanks for commenting!
      You make a great point, a great presentation can add to flavour and vice versa. I find it amazing how more people are taking pictures of their food, how did we get here? 😉

  9. Fun post. I am amazed at the number of food photos on Instagram and other social media. It’s not what I usually post but I do admit to posting a few myself. There is something so inviting about a nicely presented dish. I love your description of what you need to do to get a good photo. I would long have finished my meal and the serious food photographer would still be snapping!

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