When Foreign Words Are Supposedly Showmanship

10 thoughts on “When Foreign Words Are Supposedly Showmanship”

  1. It does add something to the mixture when a chef has a lifelong connection to the food they are cooking. Otherwise I question the authenticity of the food. Accents are wonderful though, especially French accents!

    1. Hi Phoenicia,
      I do agree with the history of the food, I just don’t like the random use of foreign words out of context. French accents are simply amazing, they sound sophisticated even when they say words like “light-bulb” or “desk”.

  2. I do’t think there has ever been a time when chefs have had move opportunities to promote themselves with TV shows, books, personal appearances. Naturally that is going to give rise to showmanship. Look at Emeril in the U.S. I’m not especially a fan and I find it a distraction.

    1. Hi Ken!
      So true what you’re saying. I’ve just seen Emeril for the first ever time, wow that guy has a thick accent! Definitely the question of showmanship for me is a big one, let’s see what the future of cooking holds.

    1. Hi Kristina, thanks for commenting.

      This is more about throwing in a random word whilst speaking about the food itself. Accents however, when natural, are really key to making something stand out.

  3. It does seem like we are in a world of Andy Warhol, everyone is getting their 15 minutes of fame. TV, internet etc gives everyone a chance to display their talents. I think to stand out, you need that showmanship these days.

    1. Hi William, thanks for commenting.
      Definitely, and when we have a situation when you need to stand out the art of showmanship is needed. I wonder though, is real showmanship just throwing in some random displays of foreign words?

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