The Waffle House Index

Today’s Eatosi ventures to one of the twin cities of Manchester, Amsterdam. Known for its tulips, canals, bikes, red light district and “cafe’s” did you also know that over 70% of bacon consumed in the world comes from, Amsterdam?! The town of Moore, Oklahoma was affected earlier this year by tornadoes which had swept across … Continue reading The Waffle House Index

When Bartali saved Italy… and cucina povera was born

Palmiro Togliatti had been shot. Italy’s leading Communist leader in the post war was a crucial figure of the day to day running of a nation. Whilst parliament was heavily controlled by the Christian democrats, the working class, the ones responsible for the re-birth of Italy were anything but. The country was economically desolate and … Continue reading When Bartali saved Italy… and cucina povera was born

Les Blues sont Brulee!

French football was in the doldrums. Not since Michel Platini graced the field, had anyone come into the team that could be a match day winner. Of course, Eric Cantona was probably equal to the man as a footballer, more erudite as a poet for sure; but Cantona’s constant falling out with the football federation … Continue reading Les Blues sont Brulee!