When Food Nostalgia Can Be A Bad Thing

by Gino De Blasio | 5 minute Read Cereal is the new thing, apparently. “According to Kellogg’s, one-third of cereal consumption happens outside breakfast hours. And cereal hasn’t just become a snack, it has become the ultimate hipster snack; representing a sort of prepackaged, nostalgia-laden ennui.” (The Guardian, 2016) This culinary revelation is now where … Continue reading When Food Nostalgia Can Be A Bad Thing

The Waffle House Index

Today’s Eatosi ventures to one of the twin cities of Manchester, Amsterdam. Known for its tulips, canals, bikes, red light district and “cafe’s” did you also know that over 70% of bacon consumed in the world comes from, Amsterdam?! The town of Moore, Oklahoma was affected earlier this year by tornadoes which had swept across … Continue reading The Waffle House Index