Food News Roundup 20.07.14

Back with a lighter supplement for the weekend, the Eatosi Food News Roundup. Something this original hasn’t been seen since Mashable did an expose on something to do with Facebook, like, in the last 24 hours. 1) French Chefs Have To Be Honest That horrible moment when you are paying bistro prices and you realise … Continue reading Food News Roundup 20.07.14

Food News Roundup 13.07.14

Another week, another food news roundup. We’ve scoured the web, searched the tabloids, asked the random person in the supermarket. These are the things that have caught our eye. 1) How far can you go? The world of competitive eating! Spurred by Adam Richman from Man Vs Food fame, the Guardian have decided to produce … Continue reading Food News Roundup 13.07.14