What are the odds of a hotpot killing you?

6 thoughts on “What are the odds of a hotpot killing you?”

  1. I’ve never heard of Hotpot (born and raised “across the pond”) but I’ve come to really look forward to your witty and humorous descriptions of food. Thanks for educating me and entertaining me, all in a few paragraphs!

  2. Very interesting to read about Hotpot. Recently we made a lamb stew with lot of vegetables. (less lamb and more veggies, if you ask). The picture makes me drool.
    Wow!Food can be described interestingly

    1. Hey Bindhurani,
      It’s great to hear you tried something similar, hotpot is effectively lamb stew. Nice to see you like the style, if everything was told in story form, the world would be a better place! :)

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